Championship- InHandChampionship- RiddenChampionship- SupremeChapionship- Under 101. Tack and Turnout - 10 years & under lead rein2.The Milner family  - Lead Rein Pony - 10 years & under3. Best Combination - 10 years & under lead rein permitted4. First Ridden Pony - 10 years & under lead rein NOT  permitted5. Riding Club Pony - 10 years & under, lead rein permitted8. Best Combination - 11-16 years10. Riding Club Horse11. Best Combination12. Walk Trot Ridden any age, any combination, for Novice or nervous18.Equifest Open Ridden M and M - Ridden Large Breeds M & M (Equifest Qualifier)20.Ridden Spot, Roan, and Dilutes21. Ridden Sport Horse or Pony24. Ridden Novice Hunter26. Ridden Heavyweight Hunter31. Young stock - 2 & 3 year olds32. In-hand Coloured Traditional36.In-hand Rescue Horse or Pony any type,breed,age39. In-hand Mountain & Moorland - Small Breeds40. In-hand Mountain & Moorland - Large Breeds41. In- hand Part,pure Anglo Arab44. In -Hand RoR45. In-hand Open - Any type47. Young Handlers 12 years or over48. Ridden Veteran- Horse or Pony 15 years + on 1st January 201950. Nupafeed - Ridden Cob53. Ridden Large Breeds