Championship - Ridden Ring 1Championship -Inhand Ring 1Championship- Ridden ring 2Class 3- Ridden Show Pony,Show Hunter Pony , Riding PonyClass 4- Novice HunterClass 6- Hack,Riding HorseClass 7- Show CobClass 8- BSPAClass 10- M and M Large Breeds RiddenClass 12- Best Veteran RiderClass 13-Veteran Horse Society Area QualifierClass 14- HCR Ridden Ex Race Horse QualifierClass 17-Open Mare with foal at foot and Foal - YearlingClass 18 -A -B Open, M&M, Non M&M Youngstock 3yrs and underClass 19 - Inhand Piebald and SkewbaldClass 20-Veteran inhandClass 21-HCR inhand ex RacehorseClass 22- Spillers Small M&M inhandClass 25-T&T 16yrs and underClass 26 -T&T 16 years and overClass 27 - TT 1st ridden 10 yrs and underClass 29-1st ridden 9 years and underClass 30-1st ridden 10 - 14 yrsClass 32-Best rider OpenClass 33- Best combination 10yrs and underClass 35-Best combination OpenClass36-Riding-Pony Club horseClass37- Novice-Nervous Horse or ponyMiscellaneous