Championship- InhandChampionship- Ridden1. Tack and turnout 16yrs and under3. Tiny tots first ridden4 Best combination 7yrs and under on lead rein5&6  First ridden & Best Combination 12yrs and under7 Best combination 12-16yrs and under8 Best combination 17yrs and over9 Best ridden open (any age of rider)11 Veteran ridden12 Mountain and moorland ridden13 Ridden coloured14 Ridden Cob15 Ridden ROR16 Ridden Hunter17 In hand young stock 3yrs and under18 In hand coloured traditional20 In hand veteran horse21 In hand mountain and moorland22 In hand young handlers 12yrs and under23 In hand young handlers 12-16yrs25 Open in hand