About Me

Born and bred in the North East of England

I started my photographic journey when I was still in school, with a second hand point and shoot 35mm film camera passed down from a family member and I was hooked from the off.

I spent all of my free time documenting day-to-day going ons, friends doing BMX tricks and our various trips to different skate parks and spots. It wasn't long till I had outgrown my little beaten up point and click camera, held together with emergency electrical tape to stop the battery from falling out every time it was used.

So off I went, 16th birthday money in hand, to buy my first ever SLR. As I gazed at the glass cabinets of used and new cameras, a second hand Canon stood out from the rest - and that was that - I had to have it. I was still photographing everything that moved and a lot more of things that didn't and a lasting passion for landscape was slowly developing.

Not long after buying the camera I found myself working in a high street camera shop alongside studying media at college. It was around this time that I made the jump from analog to digital, which in turn led to my first paid job covering a school talent roadshow. Once I completed the Media course I opted out of the university route most people take and went back to college to study photography full time as well as working in the camera shop and the occasional photography job.

As time went on redundancy loomed from the camera shop. Bar a short contract working in the office of a local theatre/community group, I've been a full time freelance photographer ever since.

I now cover everything from equestrian and sporting events, theatre and music festivals to producing advertising and promotional photographs  , aswell as offering portrait and wedding photoshoots for private customers.

Oh and I still find time to take a few landscapes.